What We Do


AFEECI A.C. is a social project founded during 2006. It comes from the advocacy of mother Leticia Cruz León for the most vulnerable groups in our community.

From 2005 the project that would later become AFEECI began to take form, with the purpose of preventing children and teenage homelessness.

The area is distinguished for a strong presence of street vendors, traffic chaos and socioeconomic inequality. This has generated a recurrent context of criminality and addictions, amongst other serious issues, to which the local childhood is constantly in contact.

Our programmes were subsequently designed and improved as our operation grew larger. We currently work with more than 50 children, teenagers and their families.

After a series of visits and evaluations in the area, AFEECI was established right in the middle of the problematic it seeks to solve, in one of the most conflictive areas in Mexico City: the neighborhood of Tacubaya and its surrounding areas.

The ground that is now occupied by the organization required remodeling work for its proper use. This was provided from our first financing, granted from such distant countries as Germany and Canada.

Our Programmes

The objective of our programmes is the preventive intervention over the causes of homelessness.


We avert school dropout and low school performance by working with both minors and their families. We strengthen their academic lives through complementary classes and homework workshops. We also promote culture, gender equality and environmental care, in order to achieve comprehensive education.

Physical Health

We provide free meals and healthy nutrition education for our community. With the support of VIS Foundation, we offer medical checks and preventive medicine education for both minors and parents. Also, in collaboration with Proyecto Cantera, our children and teenagers take part in soccer workshops and tournaments.

Mental Health

Both minors and their families have access to individual and group psychological treatment, emphasizing the prevention of violence

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Transparency and accountability

As a nonprofit, accountability is amongst our largest responsibilities. This is why we carry out periodic audits, provided by the global network of public independent accountants, Kreston.

This way we guarantee good financial practices and maximum transparency.

Tax-deductible nonprofit status

Audited Financial Statements (available on August 2019)

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